When class isn’t quite enough

Is your dog not quite ready for group class? Perhaps she’s afraid of or unhappy about the presence of other dogs, or too unruly to comfortably handle in public?

Or is your dog a lead monster—going a bit berserk whenever she sees another dog while on lead?

We can help.

We specialize in helping with:

Leash reactivity—pulling, lunging, growling, barking at other dogs while on lead

Impulse control for a calm, relaxed dog at home

Shyness and fear around other dogs

Shyness and fear around new people

How private training works

Our professional, certified dog trainer visits your home to assess your dog and understand your needs. She creates a customized training plan for your goals, and helps you to implement it.

Training Fees

Training Sessions: $220 per hour

Setup an appointment with Cath

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Mat Potato Training

For a calm dog who’s easy to live with

What’s a mat potato?

A mat potato is a dog who willingly, calmly hangs out on his mat or bed while you entertain guests, prep dinner for the family, catch up on email, or whatever else you’d like to get done without a dog underfoot.

What’s mat potato training?

Your dog learns a cue for going to her spot, so you can send her there whenever need strikes. She also learns to stay there—resting or happily occupied with a toy or chew—until you give the all-clear.

How does it work?

Our trainer Cath does the heavy lifting for you. Each week for three weeks she’ll work with your dog for an hour (you don’t even have to be there!), and then spend another hour with you to transfer over your dog’s progress. Voila! Your very own mat potato!

What does it cost?

You get 6 training sessions—3 for your dog and 3 for you and your dog together—for $840. That’s a $60 savings off our regular private training fees.

How do I sign up?

Just call or email to turn your whirling dervish into a calm, enjoyable mat potato.

0402 156 096


Meet the trainer

Certified dog trainer Cath Dombroski is a graduate of the Delta Accredited Dog Trainers Course and has been training dogs for well over 10 years. She believes in a positive approach to results, and delights in helping students achieve their training goals.


Learn more about Cath, her credentials, and her training approach

    “Cath’s advice has been so valuable…”

    “Cath is a wonderful trainer and you can tell that she rally cares about the dogs. She individualizes the training to suit your needs and is happy to address any problems you may be facing. Cath’s advice has been so valuable and we have seen Frankie come such a long way.”

    Sharon, Graduate

    “Training with Cath has increased my confidence…”

    “Training with Cath not only increased Abby’s confidence but also increased my confidence. I highly recommend Doggie Diplomas and plan to continue training with Cath!”