Invest in your Dog's Education

Our classes are designed to provide you and your dog the very best training available.
We use only positive, scientifically sound training methods for results that are fun to get.

We offer doggie diplomas for your best friend, and a well-mannered dog for you.

Are you in for the long haul?

You wouldn’t call it a day after your child attended kindergarten. Learning is a life-long endeavour. It’s no different with dogs.

Consider the scope of the challenge: Dogs have to adapt to living with a different species, learning all the rules of society. From their perspective, it’s got to be baffling a good deal of the time.

Set your dog up for success

Don’t end her education early. Puppy Pre-School and Basic Manners are terrific starting points, but your dog will be happier and calmer the more help she gets learning to meet your expectations.

The more you train, the happier you’ll be

A well-behaved dog is a joy to live with. Continuing your dog’s education into higher levels means an easier dog at home and a companion you can confidently take anywhere.

Puppy Pre-School

Open enrolment, start anytime!

Give your puppy a great start in life and yourself some relief. Early training and socialization not only means easier living with your puppy now, it’s an investment in the well-behaved, well-adjusted adult dog you’re looking forward to. We introduce basic obedience, address common puppy challenges like house training and biting, and prevent against common adult dog issues like resource guarding and aggression. And we do it all with a fun, real-life focus, so you see results outside of class.

Our innovative open enrolment program means no waiting. Start your dog this week!

Basic Manners

Open enrolment, start anytime!

Whether you have a new family member or an older one who could use some new manners, our basic manners class is the place the start. As per the class title, we learn the basics, sit, down, stay, come when called, walking nicely on leash, leave it and we do it all with a fun, real-life focus, so you see results outside of class.

Our innovative open enrolment program means no waiting. Start your dog this week!

Intermediate Manners

For a calm, polite dog and good lead manners

Intermediate class builds on basic, with particular focus on loose lead walking and polite greeting and behavior around people and other dogs. Calmness exercises and meet-and-greet set-ups help your dog learn to chill out in social situations. And if things are going really well, we throw in a few tricks, too.

Perfect extension to the Basic Manners Class

Advanced Manners

Finishing school for canine manners

We turn up the heat and the fun in advanced class. Dogs learn to uphold their manners and focus on you even in the face of highly challenging real-life distractions. You’ll learn anti-distraction techniques like treat bowling, turn-and-go-not-too-slow, and targeting. (What is all this, you ask, Come see, it’s great fun!) We’ll also work on out-of-sight stays, impulse control at doorways and curbs, and even play some advanced training games if there’s time.

Our innovative open enrolment program means no waiting. Start your dog this week!

Rovers Scholar

Cant make night classes, yet still want to socialise and train?

Why not arrange 3 private 40 minutes lessons with Cath. She creates a customised flexible training plan for your goals and helps you implement them.

Reliable Recall

Advanced come-when-called training

Recall is the most prized canine behavior and the hardest one to get. This class focuses on the rules and practice techniques professional trainers use to build powerful recalls. Your dog will learn to love coming when you call, and you’ll love the peace of mind that brings.

Lead Monsters

For dogs who behave badly on leash

Tired of being dragged down the street like a rag doll? Embarrassed by all the barking and growling every time another dog appears? Whether your dog is trash talking at other dogs or just dislocating your shoulder in his exuberance to get to a favorite pee spot, it’s time to put the pleasure back into your daily leash walks. We’ll teach your dog to tune out his surroundings in favor of some focused bonding time with the human at the other end of his leash, so that he learns to walk with you instead of in spite of you. And it’ll cost much less than regular trips to the chiropractor!