Cath Dombroski, Owner & Trainer

Cath Dombroski


Cath Dombroski is a professional dog trainer with well over 10 years’ experience. She is accredited through the Delta Accredited Dog Trainers Course, the most respected training program in the country, and is also a Canine Good Citizen accredited trainer. Cath holds a Certificate 1V in Small Business.

A Passion for Success

Cath has run Doggie Diplomas since 2003 with passion and love—for dog behavior and training, and for dogs and the people who live with and love them. It is her great joy to watch the success of her two- and four-legged students, to watch them come together as a team, to see a dog looking expectantly at their handler for the next cue.

“I speak for the dogs.”

That’s Cath’s motto. It means only positive training approaches, grounded in science and humane treatment of animals. She is dedicated to helping students achieve real-life training results they can feel good about, using positive-reinforcement techniques that are as effective as they are fun.

Midnite, Sidekick

A delightful, energetic Labradoodle, Midnight is Cath’s constant shadow. She also eagerly volunteers for Guniea Pig Duty, trying out new training techniques, lesson plans, and dog handling methods—especially the ones that involve treats. She’s never shy about giving Cath honest feedback—after all, she wants to make sure the training that makes it into classes is top notch.

Fiona, Class & Administrative Assistant

With a Frontline Management Course under her belt, Fiona does double duty at Doggie Diplomas, assisting both in the office and in classes. She loves seeing dogs and owners progressing together, and watching the dogs learn and open up into social beings. “Dogs are therapy for me,” Fiona often says, and she can’t think of a place she likes better than dog training class. Fiona became interested in dogs after meeting a Bernese Mountain dog named Ziggy, and is now the proud and loving owner of a Labradoodle called Jet, who is Midnite’s son.

Alexandra, Class Assistant


Alexandra Saunders is excited to be part of the team as an Assistant Trainer at Doggie Diplomas. She has always loved being around animals especially dogs. Every picture that was taken of her when she was a baby was photobombed by ‘Megsie’ (the family dog). Now, She has a small dog of her own. Her name is Fluffy, and Alex says she can’t imagine life without her. The unconditional love that she provides is priceless. Alex recently completed, a Bachelor of (Honours) Psychology degree. She believes training dogs would provide her with the practical experience in helping her to understand ‘animal psychology’.

    “Great advice and warm personality…”

    “Basic class was a fantastic way to show Charli how to behave and socialize. Cath provided great advice and her warm personality shows her true passion towards the dogs. I look forward to getting to the Intermediate class later this year.”

    “The Doggie Diplomas team is great…”

    “Our puppy belle loves attending! She is currently attending the beginners class and we will definitely be going through to advanced! The Doggie diplomas team is great and always helpful! Their advice is also amazing as it is all positive reinforcement.”
    – Courtney